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A unicum of history, archeology, myths and colors: the Ipogeo dei Cristallini is a rare and incredible testimony of Greek painting and architecture, thanks to which it is possible to go back in time about 2300 years.

Ipogeo dei Cristallini

The treasure of ancient Greece in the heart of Naples

The precious treasure, located in the heart of the Sanità-Vergini district of Naples, is now open to the public. Through a staircase in the Palazzo di Donato, visitors access an ancient but still alive world, rich in decorations and refined trompe l'oeil effects, unique in the world.

At the end of the 6th century BC the Greeks founded Neapolis and the city was built according to the classical criteria: agora, acropolis, necropolis. The Ipogeo dei Cristallini represents the most valuable testimony of the Greek necropolis. A discovery that allows you to admire today the unmistakable harmony and beauty that the Greeks spread throughout the Mediterranean for centuries.

Until a few years ago it seemed an impossible operation. Instead, we created an extraordinary work group to bring to light a special site, with an important cultural and social impact both on the territory and in the field of archeology and culture in general.



Duration: 1 hour
Visitors: Minimum: 1 | Maximum: 8
Inaccessible: For the disabled
Inaccessible: For children under 8 years of age
Audio Guide: Included in the visit
We suggest: Comfortable clothing and headgear
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How to reach the property

Ipogeo dei Cristallini

Via dei Cristallini, 133, 80137 Napoli NA

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The opening hours of the structure

10:00 - 14:00  |  from Monday to Sunday

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+39 3440725752